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Discover your great Style Secret to Looking Thinner, Younger, & More Stylish. Everyone is made up of unique colours, lines and shapes. Therefore no two people have the exact same Style Secret.

Using math, art and science, we have created formulas to help woman of all ages, shapes and sizes, look fantastic.

The principals of your Style Secret is based on colour, the law of attraction and the golden ratio.

During your consultation, we will show you how to see and apply your Style Secrets correctly.

Kerry Leigh Wilson created New Look Image Consultancy with a clear mission – to help people feel good about themselves.

Kerry noticed when she looked good, she felt better.

You don’t just happen to look good by chance, just as you don’t just happen to have brown hair, pale skin and blue eyes – its genetic balance. Our bodies are made up of certain shapes, lines and colours that react to surrounding objects.

Studying the science, math and art of line, shape and colour, Kerry has created an innovative formula called The Style Secrets.

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Discover and apply colour that resonates naturally with you best and enjoy the benefits of looking and feeling more healthy, fresh and vibrant.
Every woman is unique and once you learn how to select the lines best that suits your figure, age and taste. You will feel fabulous no matter what occasion.
Find your perfect wedding dress by understanding which silhouette and features such as neck line, waist lines and sleeves look best on you.
Please contact us if you would like a free 30 minute workshop for you and your friends. Great for girls nights, book clubs, breakfast, lunch or dinner with the ladies.
Great idea for Girls nights, parties and functions.
Take the dress out of dressing
Clothing personalities and face shapes.
Dress for your shape not your size
Managing your image (corporate)

At New look Image Consultancy we believe everyone is beautiful. The fashion industry has confused us as to the perception of beauty. It is our pleasure to help you discover the right clothes for your body and enhancing what is great about yourself, making you feel beautiful. When your image is right, you look fabulous, feel more confident and attract good things in your life.

"Through the techniques you’ve taught me, I’ve learned to unlock my true potential, and to approach life with a ferocious self-confidence that has not only changed my life, but has begun to inspire the people around me!" – Taryn