Everyone is different; because of this everyone has a different style secret that will dictate the ideal way to wear clothing based on their measurements.

By calculating your personal Secret Lines, you will be able to find the most flattering clothes for your body no matter what your size, shape or age.

In the appointment we will measure and explain your body’s horizontal and vertical proportions and show you how to use different styles to create a balanced look that will flatter your figure.

The Body Shape analysis will also help you understand how to create outfits to dress effectively for your age, lifestyle and work. Our aim is to leave you feeling confident with your body shape, giving you the knowledge and tools to find the clothes that will highlight your best features and camouflage the not so great areas.

You will receive a tailor made style guide with your measurements, results and conclusions.

The dress’s silhouette, texture and pattern make her appear bigger and frumpy. While the other outfit’s colour, texture, and pattern makes her look slimmer and in proportion.

You Will Receive:
Individual custom made STYLE SECRET GUIDE
Body measurements
Body proportion Analysis
Body type
Figure flattery
Vertical body type
Horizontal body type
Illusion dressing
Hide figure problems and accentuate the positive
Line and silhouette
Secrets to dressing well

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