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Discover your great Style Secret to Looking Thinner, Younger, & More Stylish. 

Everyone is made up of unique colours, lines and shapes. Therefore no two people have the exact same Style Secret.

Using math, art and science, we have created formulas to help woman of all ages, shapes and sizes, look fantastic.

The principles of your Style Secret is based on colour, the law of attraction and the golden ratio.

During your consultation, we will show you how to see and apply your Style Secrets correctly.

We are Image Consultants operating across South Africa – offering in person and online consultations.  We will change your look and feel!

Get a New Look now. We have clients in Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg and more. 

EmmaClient 2023
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What a great experience. I feel like a new person. Your advice and guidance really changed my life and I feel great. Thanks Kerry. Highly Recommended
RachelClient 2023
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Did not know what to expect. The online colour analysis was insightful and even landed me a promotion to a managerial role. My performance assessment actually noted a boost in self confidence. This is all because of your great advice. Thank you Kerry.
MarionClient 2024
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I did the online colour analysis and it was great. I managed to discover new things and can finally wear clothes that now show my best side. Kerry, you are a life save.
TarynClient 2024
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Through the techniques you've taught me, I've learned to unlock my true potential, and to approach life with a ferocious self-confidence that has not only changed my life, but has begun to inspire the people around me! You are the best image consultant ever. Thank you!!
Colour analysis and Makeup. . Undertones play a significant role in categorising seasonal colour palettes and guiding clothing and makeup choices.

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Learn how to put make-up on so that it enhances your glow. As Image Consultants - we know all the tricks! Try us today.

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Elevate Your Style With A Professional Image Consultant

Image consultants are transformative style leaders who can enhance your personal and professional appearance. As fashion and image expert, we provide personalised techniques tailored to your unique attributes and goals. Services include colour analysis, figure assessment, and wardrobe essentials identification. Image consultants empower clients to express themselves authentically through expert makeup application and styling advice. We focus on enhancing natural features and creating a harmonious look that accentuates positive attributes. Many consultants also offer specialised workshops and bridal services, catering to diverse client needs and events.
Working with an image consultant can change your life and unleash your full style potential, boosting confidence.
Explore how these professionals can innovate your image and presence.

Transformative Power of Image Consulting

Image consulting wields remarkable power to transform individuals, offering instant results through expert techniques in makeup application, personal colour analysis, and figure assessment. As a confidence booster, this service empowers clients to express themselves authentically through appearance.

By identifying wardrobe essentials and conducting a detailed colour analysis, image consultants help clients curate a personal style that aligns with their unique attributes and goals.

The transformative impact extends beyond mere aesthetics, influencing how one is perceived personally and professionally. Clients learn to dress for their shape rather than size through personalised guidance, enhancing their natural features and minimising perceived flaws.

Personal Colour Analysis

Discover and apply colour that resonates naturally with you best and enjoy the benefits of looking and feeling healthier, fresh and vibrant.  

 Colour analysis helps identify the most flattering shades for an individual’s skin tone, hair, and eyes, enhancing their natural features and creating a harmonious appearance.

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Personal Figure Analysis

Every woman is unique, and once you learn how to select the lines best that suit your figure, age and taste. You will feel fabulous no matter what occasion. 

Figure analysis focuses on understanding body proportions and selecting clothing styles that accentuate positive attributes while minimising perceived flaws. 

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Bridal Services

Find your perfect wedding dress by understanding which silhouette and features look best on you, such as neckline, waistline, and sleeves. 

Expanding beyond individual consultations, as leading image consultants, we cater to diverse client needs. 

 Personalised consultations for brides help identify the most flattering silhouettes and styles, ensuring a stunning look on their special day.

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We Offer Workshops

Great idea for Girls nights, parties and functions.
Take the dress out of dressing
Clothing personalities and face shapes.
Dress for your shape not your size
Managing your image (corporate)

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We Do Events - Find Out More

For corporate clients, we offer a package of image consultancy specialities such as workshops on professional attire and creating a polished business image. 

These group events provide cost-effective solutions for clients and foster a fun and collaborative learning environment. 

Great for girl’s nights, book clubs, breakfast, lunch or dinner with the ladies.

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