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Colour analysis and Makeup. . Undertones play a significant role in categorising seasonal colour palettes and guiding clothing and makeup choices.

Reveal Your Radiance

My New Look’s Colour Analysis service is a transformative experience designed to help clients uncover their most flattering colour palette. This personalised consultation utilises expert techniques to determine which hues complement an individual’s unique skin tone, eye colour, and hair colour. By identifying the client’s ideal colour season – Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter – the image consultant provides tailored recommendations for clothing, accessories, and makeup choices. This service empowers clients to make confident style decisions, enrich their natural features, and create a harmonious wardrobe that reflects their best self. Serving South Africa, My New Look’s Colour Analysis is essential to developing a polished and cohesive personal style that boosts self-assurance and leaves a lasting impression.

Our expert guidance will boost your confidence at My New Look. Uncover your perfect palette and adopt a new, empowered you!

Enhance Your Appearance

The Magic of Colour Analysis

We are passionate about helping our clients explore their most flattering colours through our expert colour analysis service.

Our personalised approach guarantees that you’ll feel empowered with the knowledge to make informed choices about your clothing and accessories. We’re dedicated to serving clients across South Africa, assisting them in embracing their natural beauty and exuding confidence through the power of colour.

You’ll learn which colours to prioritise when shopping, how to mix and match effectively, and ultimately feel more confident in your appearance. It’s a transformative experience that simplifies your style decisions.

Whether you’re in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, or any other city in the country, we’re committed to helping you explore your best colours and elevate your personal style.

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Reveal Your True Colours

Our colour analysis sessions aren’t just about selecting attractive shades; they’re about equipping you with the knowledge to transform your wardrobe and beauty regimen. We’ll lead you through a colourful journey, exploring how different hues interact with your natural colouring. You’ll discover which colours enhance your skin radiance, make your eyes twinkle, and make your overall appearance more vibrant and lively. It’s like cracking a hidden code right before you all this time! 

We’re passionate about assisting you in uncovering your ideal colour palette through our state-of-the-art, data-driven colour analysis. Our approach transcends traditional methods, merging science and artistry to unveil the shades that bring out your best. By pinpointing your individual colour profile, we’ll empower you to enhance your self-assurance, attract attention, and leave a memorable impact in both personal and professional environments.

We’ll transform your look and unlock your confidence. Explore your perfect colours and style with My New Look, serving South Africa. Don’t wait to feel amazing – book your personalised consultation today!

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